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Re: xAP Ping update?

i've written an app that monitors xAP & xPL heartbeats.  it sends
out an xPL OSD message on a timeout since i'm mostly xPL based.

--- In xap_automation@xxxxxxx, "JamesTraynor"
<james.traynor@...> wrote:
> Max,
> There is a test version of Ping3 that did do xAP heartbeat monitoring,
which you are welcome to try.  The trouble was that while the rest of ping
was doing some of it's more time consuming scans it missed the odd
heartbeat which made the whole point of the feature a bit pointless. I
think it should really go to a separate, and far simpler app.
> James
> --- In xap_automation@xxxxxxx, max barker <vworpi@> wrote:
> >
> > James,
> > Did you release an updated version of xAP Ping3 with xAP
> >
> > Max
> >


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