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Re: Linux

Not sure if your need is to run the GUI application on Linux or just
able to view it ?

Floorplan is a Windows application - I am not sure if anyone has tried
it under Wine or indeed if you are even prepared to run Wine.  The GUI
for FP is presented via a web browser so you could use a Linux Browser
being served from a Windows PC if that helps ?   James may have some
more helpful information to add on this.....

Although I've never used it there's Misterhouse, which is well regarded
by many.

There may be others...I'm not a Linux user I'm afraid so I haven't any
experience here.  My xAP forays into this area with ZoneMinder left me
knowing my limits. My only Linux xAP application  is Opnode's OPNMax
(embedded rather than PC) - highly recommended although more as a
controller than a GUI.  It does have a basic web interface though and
database functionality that can link to a graphing application.

I also can't remember if you use HomeSeer (?) - if so there's a HSTouch
Linux client on the way, but again this would require HS on a Windows
host.  The Barionet could be coded to serve modified xAP control web
pages too, if that's a possibility, although I think it could be a
little under resourced in terms of UDP handling for such an application.


andrevdm wrote:
> I want to run Linux on some old slow pc's. Will Floorplan or other
> GUI's run on Linux ?


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