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Re: xAP embedded CallerID device

Sorry - just received this post !! .

This was something I did that uses an off the shelf embedded device
- (circa £50) nicely cased with a serial port.  I wrote some xAP code
and I had my Meteor attached to it directly.  It does much the same as
xAPTel in the Meteor context - ie it doesn't offer the Skype options  or
the ability to dial etc but provides a full set of call progress
messages and the outgoing dialled digit detection too.   Actually as
each digit is reported as it is dialled you can use specific sequences
to trigger xAP events should you want eg turn all your lights off by
dialling #8 or something - turn them on if dialling 999.

The devices are programmed in a basic style language so you could use
them for anything really - and there's a quad port versions too. Anyone
is welcome to my xAP source code... it's dead easy to then just add in
serial handling for your own XYZ device.

I now have a quad port handling my alarm, my AV amplifer , the Meteor
and a video/audio matrix switcher.  Single port units are around £50
from memory and the cased quad ports around £120.   These are
as just boards for considerably less.


PS Whilst you're there Kevin I have been revisiting my xAP BSC Framework
code that I think you may have used in a couple of projects .   I've
found a couple of ignificant things that are wrong with it so if you
have used that code then you probably have the same issues !  A few of
the issues were due to the transition from Patricks OCX to J's Intranet
OCX.  Give us a shout if you are still actively using it,

turner228 wrote:
> "and I'm using the xAP embedded CallerID device" ??
> Do tell.....
> Kevin T


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