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Re: Re: New embedded controller: opn-max

Yes, I'll certainly do what I can Daniel - quite busy times at the
moment but also lots of things I can use a opn-max for so should be fun.


Daniel Berenguer wrote:
> Kevin, Max, Tim,
> Can I count on you for beta-testing opn-max?
> Daniel.
> --- In xap_automation@xxxxxxx, Kevin Hawkins <lists@...> wrote:
>> This is really exciting Daniel - great stuff ... and the even
>> news is that I alredy have a NSLU2 that I bought a while back so
>> keen to give this a try and to provide you as much feedback as I
>> Cheers Kevin
>> Daniel Berenguer wrote:
>>> Hi xAP community!
>>> I'm proud to introduce opn-max ? a new generation of embedded
>>> controllers aimed to work as high-level xAP masters (good
>>> introduction, don't you think so?).
>>> This controller is based on a Linksys NSLU2 and only needs an
>>> drive (memory stick or hard disk) to store applications, web
pages and
>>> custom files. The NSLU2 typically costs less than 80 ? (VAT
>>> Just add the price of a memory stick, install the necessary
>>> into it and? voilà, you have an opn-max.
>>> Opn-max, as any other opnode, is an open source design. This
>>> that you can download the source code from sourceforge (not
yet?) in
>>> case you want to contribute to this project. This also means
that you
>>> can buy your NSLU2 from your local supplier and then convert
it into
>>> an opn-max controller for free.
>>> I'm going to need a lot of help to fine-tune opn-max so those
>>> volunteers? be ready to spend some time on the project because
it has
>>> plenty of features:
>>>  - xAP BSC interface (I'll try to add support for other
schemas in a
>>> near future)
>>>  - Web server for configuring and controlling opn-max
>>>  - Event manager
>>>  - Perl scripting with access to endpoints
>>>  - Customizable web PHP pages with access to endpoints
>>>  - SQLite database. Possibility of saving endpoint values into
>>> tables
>>>  - Web graphs and charts
>>>  - SSH server for administration and installation purposes
>>>  - FTP server
>>> These features are already implemented and opn-max is
>>> However, so many functionalities need a deep validation
process in
>>> real applications. I'm just running opn-max on my workbench
and my
>>> current requirements in terms of home automation are pretty
>>> Moreover, Alicia, my personal web developer, has been very
busy these
>>> months so she couldn't help me on this project as she wanted.
>>> means that some web pages could need some rework. Anyway,
we'll see
>>> this during the beta-tests.
>>> During the next weeks I'll try to fix some minor bugs and
prepare the
>>> necessary documentation to guide the first beta-testers during
>>> installation of opn-max on their Slugs. I also have to upload
>>> to opnode's sourceforge repository and create a yahoo group
for the
>>> opnode project.
>>> Regards,
>>> Daniel.
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