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Re: xAP TorrentMon

  • Subject: Re: xAP TorrentMon
  • From: "stuartbooth_co_uk" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 17:53:49 -0000

--- In xap_automation@xxxxxxx, "Martyn Wendon"
<martynwendon@...> wrote:
> Can anybody successfully using xAP TorrentMon give some examples of
> config files (..\plugins\torrentmon.xml)?
> I'm having trouble getting it to work.  I think that I have it set up
> correctly using the rss feed for uknova (which is successfully
retrieved by
> xAP News and sends messages correctly) but it never
seems to do
> anything

Unfortunately it won't work in your example:


It needs a direct link to a .torrent file to download, not a link to
some other page from which you can obtain the file.

I no longer use this feature either because I don't have a suitable
RSS feed that posts direct links to the files. In fact my episode
history file hasn't been updated since June last year. Nowadays I just
use it to copy my completed downloads to my Videos share on my Server.

> apart from generate the occasional error like:
> The following xAP message caused an error: Block is not formatted for
> KCS.xAP.Framework.Schema.xAPNewsReportFeedBlock

Unfortunately my main PC died the other week and I haven't resurrected
it. Hardware Relief Fund Donations welcomed... Got to decide on a
repair strategy first. Anyway, I don't have the setup to test that at
the moment, but it's clearly not liking something it sees in one of
the message blocks.

> ...which is in response to messages from other sources
(i.e. not
> the ones it should be looking at).

It looks at them all to detect the ones it likes. It reads them into
xAPNewsReportFeedBlock objects so it can look for the data it wants,
but it doesn't like some of the blocks it's seeing.

If you could post the complete message it should include a sample
message that caused the error? I can then figure out the problem. Or a
URL to a problem RSS feed if you have enough information in the error
message to see what's up. 2x click the entry and it ought to expand
upon the error.

> Here's my config:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
> <profile>
>   <section name="TorrentMon">
>     <entry name="CompletedTorrentsDirectory">C:\Shared
> Folders\Downloads\Torrents\Completed</entry>
>     <entry
>     <entry name="RSSBackendURL"></entry>
>     <entry name="TorrentDetectionDirectory">C:\Shared
> Folders\Downloads\Torrents\Download Queue</entry>
>   </section>
>   <section name="CompletionMonitoring">
>     <entry name="Spender">C:\shared
> PVR</entry>
>   </section>
> </profile>

My Completion Monitoring is a bit more specific. For example:

Shows\Battlestar Galactica</entry>

But it'll only work if you manually go and get the .torrent file as
mentioned. The completion monitoring works a treat for me.



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