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Re: axc - controlling/monitoring using IVR

Quoting Paul Gale (3/24/06 12:51 PM):

> I currently use the Neospeech TTS voices which are excellent - so
> using the Linux available voices would be a big backward step though.

Yeah--I would have to agree that the Neospeech voices are the best.
Ironically, my wife prefers the cepstral (booming) "Frank" voice.
Perhaps it's because I use the "Kate" neospeech voice ;)

It would always be possible to use the Neospeech voice output for the
IVR menu prompts assuming that they are pre-recorded and converted to *
format in advance.

> I did think about some way to stream the voice output from a PC system
> into asterisk - wonder if this is possible and without too much delay?

Well--"too much delay" is precisely the issue.  MS SAPI can be
slow at times.  If this delay plus delays incurred with streaming a
saved file to asterisk is excessive, then the user experience will be
far more pleasant w/ the "less perfect" cepstral or festival
voices.  I
know that the cepstral solution would be virtually instantaneous with
festival slightly lagging.  I would definitely be open to
ideas--particularly solutions; but, it's likely that this would not be a
priority for me as a greater interest is in getting any core
functionality working.

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