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Re: Installing axc - need help

Quoting Paul Gale (3/23/06 2:18 PM):
> Ok - killed them all.
> Re-ran one instance but got the same result - initial messages shown
in viewer then it greyed out. Ps shows it's still running in memory though.
> Killed it, set log to 4 - re-ran it.
> This is the latest bit of log - but don't think it tells you much?

Looking at this a bit more, I now realize that there's an incorrect
check on whether the connection to asterisk manager exists prior to
printing out a log message indicating no connection.  The only thing
that I can think of that would cause the symptoms that you show (w/o a
log message) is that (1) the uid and pwd entries under the
[astman_connect] portion of axc.conf don't match your asterisk settings,
(2) you did not properly set up asterisk manager (e.g.,
/etc/asterisk/manager.conf) as described in axc.conf and/or (3) you have
a firewall (e.g., iptables) that is preventing the connection.  If
you're pretty sure (1) and (2) are covered, then make sure that iptables
(or anything similar) is temporarily disabled (assuming that this
doesn't compromise your system).

I will make a mod to axc to properly log failed asterisk manager
connections as this isn't occurring (and might otherwise give you a
better clue).  Intead, axc just continues to try to connect--waiting 1
sec between each attempt.  Likewise, axc doesn't recover well if
asterisk is "bounced" and this will also be improved.


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