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Re: Service Hub Download

Hi Dan,

It seems to be taking a little while to move the xAP Framework site
to a new hosting company after the company hosting the existing one
collapsed.  I know it's in hand though.  The main xAP site and also is fine. Meanwhile last night
I sent the MSI's for all of the 3 main xFX applications (GUI Hub,
Service Hub and Viewer) to James to mirror on his site. I suspect he's
emailed StuartB asking for permission to host these and is awaiting a
reply.  Would you like me to send you the service hub ??  If anyone
wants these hubs in the meantime just email me or pop a request here.

James and I tried last night to sort out some things on the
xAPAutomation site but there are still some admin issues - when StuartP
pops up on MSN I'll try and move this forward..

Cheers Kevin

danward79 wrote:
> Hi,
> Would it be possible for someone to make the service hub download
> available outside of the xAP website, which is down?
> I just can't get onto the site to save myself.
> Many Thanks
> Dan

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