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Re: xAP Scheduler help

Hi Glyn,

I don't know much about Patricks' Scheduler as I've never used it -
From reading the docs it looks as though if you target the message
example you quoted below and send it to the scheduler you installed it
will create an entry in schedule.conf (and hopefully create the file as
well) . Make sure the target line exactly matches whatever name your
scheduler is reporting (in its source= line).     Then I am thinking you
need to create a file that has the name "L1_ON.xap that contains an
exact copy of the xAP message you want to send at the time you have
requested in the schedule.request message.Hopefully at that time the
message will get sent.  Obviously you can use any name for the .xap file
as long as it matches the file= parameter line in the schedule.request

If you still struggle, James' Floorplan application also has the
ability to schedule events at specific times. Although named 'xAP
Floorplan' it is actually a  very capable engine for applying logic,
script actions and timed events to xAP messages. The floorplan layout
feature can be ignored if you choose.   Actually the graphic side is
very flexible and could be used to make a touch screen layout or almost
anything that uses custom graphics and backgrounds that change state ,
display text information and send messages when clicked.


Also Glyn Davies wrote:
> Thanks for the hub guys it has helped me understand a little bit more
> about this xAP stuff, now I can see messages passing between the
> devices.
> My next little project is how to fire events at timed intervals, to
> this end I have installed the above and dropped the cygwin1.dll into
> the same folder. However when I run it, it complains that it can't
> open the "schedule.conf" file...
> Should the following code be saved as the conf file?
> xap-header
> {
> v=12
> hop=1
> uid=FF123400
> class=schedule.request
> target=netcomp.doorbell.VIDEO:Sound.1
> }
> set.once
> {
> time=16:05:00
> date=22-12-2002
> event="Get up you lazy b......"
> file=L1_ON.xap
> }
> Many thanks once again
> PS tried that and it didn't work :-(

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