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Re: xAP News 3.1 Released

Hi James,

> I have the pop3 monitor and the email sender setup
> (

Yep I use those too.

What I meant was a way for Floorplan to respond directly to commands sent
over smtp.  For example at the moment I use your Outlook plugin to
xap messages it receives by pop3:

If I send the following as an email:

Line1=Put the kettle on, I'll be home in ten minutes

Then the Outlook plugin will broadcast that as a xAP message once it
receives the email.

I think it would be useful for Floorplan to be able to do that but instead
of relying on polling a pop3 mailbox which introduces a delay, it would do
it immediately when an email is received over smtp?

It would also be good to be able to send Floorplan a simple xap message by
email like:

Class=floorplan.cmd (??)
script.execute (??)

and Floorplan would then immediately run the script

Hope that makes more sense??



----- Original Message -----
From: "James" <james@xxxxxxx>
To: <xap_automation@xxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2006 1:35 AM
Subject: Re: [xap_automation] xAP News 3.1 Released

> Martyn Wendon wrote:
>> Hi James,
>> If possible both news.alert and
> ok will do.
>> On a separate issue, would you consider adding an smtp
"engine" (if
>> that's
>> the right terminology!) to Floorplan?  I figure that it would be
neat for
>> Floorplan to be able to do things like execute pre-written
>> forward
>> xap messages, etc, from commands that it received by email.
> I have the pop3 monitor and the email sender setup
> ( I can then send and receive email via xAP,
> well too. I have used it in Floorplan to email alerts when things like
> ZoneMinder camera events occur between certain times.
> While i'm more that happy to add features to Floorplan, adding too
> internally does kind of defeat the distributed xAP ideal. Having a
> proper xAP<>email gateway running benefits all apps. Also the
> things Floorplan has to do internally, the more time it can spend
> processing things and serving up pages ;-)
> hth
> James
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