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Re: xAP News 3.1 Released

Martyn Wendon wrote:
> Hi James,
> If possible both news.alert and
ok will do.
> On a separate issue, would you consider adding an smtp
"engine" (if that's
> the right terminology!) to Floorplan?  I figure that it would be neat
> Floorplan to be able to do things like execute pre-written scripts,
> xap messages, etc, from commands that it received by email.
I have the pop3 monitor and the email sender setup
( I can then send and receive email via xAP, works
well too. I have used it in Floorplan to email alerts when things like
ZoneMinder camera events occur between certain times.
While i'm more that happy to add features to Floorplan, adding too much
internally does kind of defeat the distributed xAP ideal. Having a
proper xAP<>email gateway running benefits all apps. Also the less
things Floorplan has to do internally, the more time it can spend
processing things and serving up pages ;-)


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