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Re: Re: xAP Floorplan 1 released

> The way I was checking was with the DMX lights. If they were
> controlled with floorplan then they were reported
> correctly but if I used xAPSend then the status didn't get updated
> until the next .info (ignoring the .event)  I'll run
> some more checks to be sure 100%.
For info, the sending half of Floorplan is totally separate from the
receiving half. So controlling a device from floorplan will have no
effect on the devices status with the display. Only the receipt of the
.info or .event from the remote device will cause the floorplan device's
status to change.

So for debugging this it would be good to get a copy of the .event
message sent as a result of the Floorplan command and a copy of the
.event sent as a result of the .cmd sent from xapsend


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