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Re: Re: xAP Floorplan 1 released

g8kmh wrote:
> OK,
> Look forward to that.
> BTW. One thing I noticed is that floorplan assumes it is in control
> of all devices. If something else changes the state of a BSC device,
> and the device responds with an .event response, floorplan misses
> that change of status until an .info is sent, which could be a while.
Interesting .. are you sure on this ? - I have each of the segments in a
7 segment display set up as a BSC binary device in Floorplan. It mimics
the status display on my boiler - connected to a xAP Netiom. As the
boiler cycles it goes through four states very quickly (perhaps 2
seconds overall) and each of these is reflected realtime in
Floorplan....   The messages are all BSC events. I wonder if it is for
some other type of device or for one created a different way perhaps
> Another thing that may be useful, is if at startup it does a 'target
> all' BSC query to kick all the devices connected to respond and
> floorplan can then build its list.
James just recently added this to HomeSeer and it works really well , he
directly addresses known devices and spaces the query messages a bit
apart to avoid floods. I'm hoping it'll make it to FP too .

The other approach of course as you suggest is to target everything at
startup, you can create a simple script at startup to do this which is
how I survived before in HS. However  I have 4 xAP Netioms here and they
each send 120 odd nodes so it's quite a flood that happens and actually
some get missed in both HS and FP. The Netiom is a ludicrously fast
device on Ethernet.  C-Bus and the alarm sensors add a lot too.  Really
I've just been lazy & I should disable more than half of the Netiom I/O
as it's not used (the counters and outputs mainly ) which  would cut it
down a lot. In fact looking on Viewer I am seeing 14 devices and 620 sub
addresses which is rather frightening  but just noticed also ....240
messages per minute   This is still absolutely negligible network
bandwidth of course but for xAP nodes it means they have to process 4
messages per sec.   Some of this is the's so its about time I
removed the unused I/O and altered the periods on the .info reports
which I never really need anyway.  The main culprit however is the
electricity metering which is currently reporting on every pulse from
the meters (which are about 1 per two seconds on each of four circuits
ie 120/min) . This will change as I'm going to use a Viom for the
realtime calculations as it has timers, so that will remove them all off
xAP - I will still count the pulses on the Netiom counters although
again the larger counters in the Viom (32 bits vs 16) are better suited
as the Netiom ones cycle in about 14 hours.


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