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Re: Problems with MCxAP (moved from UKHA_D)

On Sun, 04 Sep 2005 07:33:53 -0000, "Keith Finnett"
<keith@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi all. I moved this over from UKHA_D....
>I'm running a Windows MCE machine with the following xAP components:
>- Hub service (default settings)
>- Mail monitor service (configured to email address)
>- New Mail OSD service (default settings)
>- MCxAP
>I'm also running a xAP Viewer on a different PC to pick up all the
>messages flying around.
>The problem is that everything works except for the MCxAP component -
> it just doesn't appear in the Viewer tree at all.

That's a good test actually. I had a hell of a trouble getting it to
appear when I was developing it too. It's been a while though, and
once installed, it tends to just work.

One thing that's different from your setup is that my MCE machine
*only* runs MCxAP, so it's the Hub and the message processor on that
machine. I run Hub, MailMon, EmailOSD on my Server PC elsewhere in the

MCxAP will only ever start when you fire up MCE. It's an MCE Add-In
that should get loaded automatically when MCE starts. If after MCE has
started it isn't appearing in Viewer, it has failed to load for some
reason, or it isn't sending out any xAP messages.

Can I first of all suggest stopping all the other xAP modules and just
firing up MCE on its own. Also leave Viewer running on another PC. I'm
assuming here that the other xAPps running on the MCE machine appeared
in the off-machine instance of Viewer okay?? If that doesn't cause it
to appear. I'll have to check how I did the error logging in it. I
suspect it creates a file somewhere but I may have taken that trace
code out when I got it working.

>PS. I turned off Windows firewall just in case.

I've no experience of xAP vs the Windows Firewall I'm afraid. The only
XP machine I run here is my MCE machine and I guess I have it disabled
down there.

Stuart Booth <stuart@xxxxxxx>
xAPFramework.NET - a xAP software development framework for .NET

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