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Re: source of XPace

  • Subject: Re: source of XPace
  • From: "turner228" <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 23:54:52 -0000

Glad to see you are making progress

I think Ove covered the comptible modems for Sweden in

Caller ID compatible modems outside of the US are always a

When it comes to proving your modem is correctly set up and does
indeed work with your countries telephone system, the simplest way
is still to use hyperterminal as described earlier


--- In xap_automation@xxxxxxx, "lasses nilsson"
<lasse10@t...> wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks for the tip but the strings wont help me. Did some research
> here in Sweden there seems to only to modems that support the
> Standard of CID. Powerbit and Sunbird or something. I know my mom
> an old powerbit and guess whos gonna "steal" that and
replace it
> an us robotics one -:)
> After that I should be able to get everything working and finish
> TAPI xap application
> //Lasse
> --- In xap_automation@xxxxxxx, "turner228"
> >
> > Hi again
> > this is another common caller id setup string
> >
> > at#cid=1
> >
> > KevinT
> >

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