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Re: xAP Mail Monitor feature request

Stuart Booth wrote:

>On Wed, 01 Jun 2005 04:31:51 -0000, "rleong1"
>>i was wondering if a feature can be added so that checking for a
>>mailbox can be enabled/disabled via an xAP message.  this is so i
>>disable checking completely if i'm not at home, asleep, etc.
>Certainly can. You've made me wonder about configuring the polling
>frequency too. More later...

Could I also request a way around the problem of dealing with pop3 boxes
that are kept full? My mail is stored on a fairly standard unix setup
where mail is accessed over imap. I can also access the mail box via
pop3 and have used xapMail via pop3 to report on the mailbox, trouble is
its like to report every message every time it starts up i.e. thousands
of messages :-( . Ideally just being able to monitor mail marked as new
for both new mail alerts and the periodic mail dumps and something
persistant across startups/shutdowns would be good too.

Although as a side effect it did make a nice xAP stress tester, but
you've got that app covered now.


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