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Re: xAP SwitchBoard beta 2 released

Hi James,

I've just installed xSB beta2 onto my Server for the first time. A
couple of items/queries for you:

1. I notice that it only creates an mi4 program files entry for the
installing user. My interactive user on my Server doesn't have
permissions to install stuff but Switchboard runs under this
interactive user's session and lacks the icon. No biggy, just an FYI.

2. Now, whilst it's difficult for me to test it out, I'm guessing from
the ToSend.txt file that Switchboard has built-in support for the
layout of a Message.Display class xAP message ie mapping the various
adjusters onto their actual xAP schema name/value pairs? Which in turn
means that to support the Image option I added to Display.Look you
need to update xAPSwitchboard?

The alternative is maybe to remove Message.Display from the ToSend.txt
and reproduce it in the raw type? ... except that it doesn't look like
the Image URL you send with CID.Lookup message (I think it is) is a
supported adjuster parameter?

3. As you can probably guess I'm wanting to connect xAPSwitchboard to
MCxAP - hence why MCxAP uses Message.Display class messages :) The
other block I added to the Message.Display class was Display.Buttons
to control the UI presentation of MCxAP OSD messages. This isn't
important to me at the moment as I have setup MCxAP to cope with this
block being missing and default to an OK button (it also sends out a
xAP.Error message in this case as a general reminder, a very useful
class of message I find nowadays!).

4. Is there any way that I can configure which callers generate
ToSend.txt output? I may wish that only numbers with a Contacts entry
(ie those numbers I recognise) generate OSD output. Or I may wish that
only selected contacts cause OSD output (I may not care if Uncle
Fishsticks calls even if I recognise his number). Or I may want ALL
numbers to produce OSD output as it currently does I assume?? In my
case if you withhold your number I Do Not answer the phone so I'd
probably not want OSD output for those numbers.

As I say, it's nigh on impossible for me to test so some of this is

Stuart Booth <stuart@xxxxxxx>
xAPFramework.NET - a xAP software development framework for .NET

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