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Re: xAP & RIO/netgear router help/advice needed ;o)

  • Subject: Re: xAP & RIO/netgear router help/advice needed ;o)
  • From: Jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 14:50:05 -0000

Hi Kevin,

thanks for the quick response,

just a thought, do i need to open or port forward any ports on my
firewall ?

yeah, i closed down the desktop, opened up the hub, and then the
desktop. i can see events on the right hand side of the window, but
they are only echo's and a 'hub client connect'

the weather icon still contains a massive ? !!

kind regards,

--- In xap_automation@xxxxxxx, Kevin Hawkins <lists@u...>
> Jonathan@j... wrote:
> >Hi Kevin,
> >
> >I've downloaded the hub from '' and installed
> >but it reported i was already running a hub when i dbl clicked
> >the .exe file .. so i assume thats because i'm running the xap
> >desktop too ?
> >
> >i think i'm being a bit on the dim side today
> >where do i find:
> >
> >
> xAP has one 'reserved' port for its use (3639) - whichever  first
> application is launched will reserve this port. Later applications
> fail to acquire it as it can't be shared so a hub is used to
> this.  Basically if you wish to run more than 1 xAP application
then a
> hub is required and must be launched as the first xAP application
so it
> can be utilised by later ones, the same is true of xPL although it
> a different port (3865).
> Yes in your case because you ran xAP Desktop first the hub would
fail -
> quit all your xAP apps and run the hub first.      There is one
> clever feature of all the xFx applications in that they
> work as a hub too (if needed) if they are the first xAP
> launched eg Viewer would do this. However xAP Desktop is a VB
> application and not written in .NET  xFx. so must either be the
only xAP
> running or needs a hub.
> >Right click on
> >
> >
> >> 'localhost' > Properties > Enable xAP support  [ ]
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >is it an icon off of my desktop ?
> >
> >
> I am assuming you have xPL HAL installed ???    If so this is in
the xPL
> HAL Manager application. Again note however that if you do enable
> support in xPL Manager then xPL Manager must launch before any xPL
> xAP applications as it is operating as the hubs for both.  You
> then not require the xAP hub application. If you run Viewer it
will run
> as a xAP message display for you (very useful) but it will not
adopt a
> hub role as it will find the hub provided by xPL HAL. So use
> rather than Hub in this scenario.
> At one stage the xPL team were going to look at the possibility of
> scriptable bridge being useable in xPL HAL without their hub
running -
> ie so that it could use a standard xAP hub but this is way down
> list of priorities and not really needed as long as the specs stay
> constant which they have done on both x protocols for well over a
> now. (one caveat - I am not sure if  HAL xAP hub adheres to the
xAP spec
> that requires any extra unexpected parameters to be handled
> transparently eg extra header or body parameters should be relayed
> gracefully).
>     Kevin

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