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Re: Newbie Question

  • Subject: Re: Newbie Question
  • From: Stuart Booth
  • Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 21:09:00 +0000

On Tue, 18 May 2004 11:36:04 +0100, "Simon Beech" <<a

>I'm trying to see how they all work together, for example I'm running
>the xAP speech application and the xAP news app, How can I get
>to read out the headlines from xAPNews, or am I missing the point here
>somewhere, should there be a 3rd app somewhere on the network that
>xAPSpeech to take the output from xAPNews.

That's the idea. There are a variety of ways that make this step
possible, and many of us here employ different applications to do
things like that. Some of these are released and others aren't yet.

>I'm keen to get all this working, as I think that xAP would be perfect
>for some of the projects we have here at work, e.g xAP control of vt
>machines, xAP audience voting, buzzers for gameshows etc. At the moment
>I have all this working together using some of my own home grown
>protocols, but xAP looks like a good way to take these projects.

What platform do you mainly target? There are a range of tools for a
range of OS' that would allow you to join your home grown projects to
the xAP network. My own speciality is .NET for Windows.

Stuart Booth <<a
href="/group/xap_automation/post?postID=KEnNz93fg0GS1CiF5620LZLmFAfIZhZ2oJxVVMsW-Gn1Hn4hdTAO92gIqOep_pDyotNS3ZxjcGR243S1MEA">stuart@x...</a>> - a xAP software development framework for .net

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