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Watcher and monitoring other PCs

  • Subject: Watcher and monitoring other PCs
  • From: Stuart Booth
  • Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 11:40:00 +0000


Can xAP Watcher monitor other PCs as well as the current box it's
running on? Say perhaps through the MS Windows Managment
Instrumentation stuff?

A chap at work was looking for a way to monitor free disc space on
some of the servers here and I got to thinking that Watcher + a
xAPFramework based tool to monitor the output from Watcher and send
him an email would be ideal.

He *doesn't* want something that runs on these machines though, he
wants to run it on his own work PC.

Stuart Booth <<a
href="/group/xap_automation/post?postID=e18aZmc6TqBaMUHuqne3ThI1ZWBri7xvYzeBhkDSdkStbhUtz4mWiOFDCQ-_xJTfjXt8hHq4j_OdPaSBT5tFFeum">stuart@x...</a>> - a xAP software development framework for .net

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