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Re: Posting problem - any ideas

  • Subject: Re: Posting problem - any ideas
  • From: Stuart Booth
  • Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 01:02:00 +0000

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004 00:51:42 -0000, "Ian Bird" <<a

>This has started recently and is killing most of my mail to yahoo
>The error message says '550 relaying mail to yahoo groups is not
>allowed'. I am trying to send through tesco as I have for years.
>Anyone any ideas?

The SMTP mail server isn't allowing you to send mail, probably because
you're not logged onto their domain.

For instance, you're maybe using the Tesco SMTP server but you're not
dialed up to Tesco at the time?

It's probably started having been added as a spam blocking technique.
I send all my mail through my RapidHoster SMTP server because it
doesn't mind which 'domain' (if that's the right term) I'm logged into
- be it my ADSL ISP or my work's ISP.

That's what I think it is anyway! Could be utterly wrong though.

Stuart Booth <<a
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