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Re: Windows XP SP2

Phil Brett wrote:

> Well, itís a few weeks later, Iíve got less hair but still no xAP
> messages. Iíve installed Sniffer and even it doesnít see any broadcast
> messages from xAP, so itís quite low down in the protocol stack. Iíve
> disabled the firewall service, and plugged a working (ie receiving)
> laptop into the same port as the working machine. It was fine.
> And now a second machine (XP SP2) has started the same thing!
> I canít believe Iím the only one with this issue. Problem is, Iím at a
> loss where to look next!
> T
Hi Phil,

All my machines are running XP SP2 without any issues - one some I have
the firewall turned off - and on the others I have setup the firewall to
pass xAP. Very strange.. There must be something differemt about your
setup . How many network interface cards are installed and operational
in the machine and which xAP hub are you running ?


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