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News, Weather and Ping Updates

  • Subject: News, Weather and Ping Updates
  • From: James Traynor <james@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 01:19:27 +0000

A few updates for you all to play with.  Downloads from as

xAP News 2 Beta5
Podcasts are files that are linked to stories inside an RSS feed. They
are usually mp3 but can be video as well. xAP News is now aware of
podcasts and will monitor them in any or all of the 1000 feeds it keeps
an eye on. At a set time overnight, defaults to 4am, it will download
any new podcasts. When the downloads are finished it will copy the new
podcasts over to a pre-set location, usually a flash card or some
removable media, and even generates a playlist for the files. It also
keeps a full archive of every downloaded file and generates an html view
of the archive as it changes. See for more info on
Beta 5 also fixes a few issues with unusually formatted feeds and adds
proxy support.

xAP Weather 1.8
This update fixes recent download issues from the BBC site. It also adds
the ability to request the latest weather reports to be resent over xAP
by sending a simple xAP message. This will allow applications like xAP
Desktop get the weather information when they start up .

xAP Ping 2.1
Some changes have been made to the pinging code that should make it more
reliable and prevent false detections. You can now set friendly names
for each entry so if you used to ping by ip address you can now get a
more useful alert. As well as an alert generated when a device
disappears, an alert is now generated when the device returns.



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