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RE: Hub problems

  • Subject: RE: Hub problems
  • From: Kevin Hawkins
  • Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 17:52:00 +0000

Hi Rob,

This should all work so just to clarify can you just post what OS
and specific versions of the xAP apps you are running ? Are they all the
latest ones as downloaded from the xAPFramework site ? Also on your laptop
what network connections do you have and which are you using ??
If you launch the GUI version of Viewer do you see anything at all ?
Does it see it's own heartbeat and appear itself as a device in the left
hand pane ? It should display its own heartbeat as the first thing it
Although it is a step back you could launch the GUI Viewer app first
on the laptop and then start the other apps / services to see if this works
- the GUI Viewer will adopt the hub role and will show this (if I remember
correctly) in its title bar.
It's almost sounding like the app that you first launched as a xAP
application has grabbed the 3639 port used as a hub but has providing the
hub functionality. I cant remember if the older Viewer app adopts a hub
role automatically, or if it was a config option - maybe it has just
port 3639.
You can of course run the Viewer as an app on the same machine as
the SlimServer and it will show you all the network traffic. Maybe you
have .NET installed on this machine though.
The weather and SliMP3 connector work fine with hubs - but the hub
MUST be the first application started (or an app that will automatically
adopt a hub role). Viewer simply shows what broadcast traffic it sees and
hence the fact that it is deaf would indicate that it has not managed to
attach to a hub to listen - hubs are only needed to hear xAP packets - and
then they are only needed if there is more than one app on the same machine
, xAP apps will happily send data that can be heard by everyone else
needing a hub.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: robkearns [mailto:<a
> Sent: 20 April 2004 14:36
> To: <a
> Subject: [xap_automation] Hub problems
> I've just started playing with xAP and I'm having a few
> problems getting it running...
> I have a xAP Message Viewer and a Slimp3 Connector running
> on my laptop with the Squeezebox server running on
> another pc. When I turn on my Slimp3 I get messages in the
> Slimp3 Connector window but nothing in the Viewer. I would
> have expected to see at least the heartbeat messages in
> the Viewer. I know the Viewer is running as a hub because
> if I start a GUI xAPHub I get a message that the port is
> already in use.
> I've also started a xAPWeather which successfully connects
> to the BBC site but again I see no messages in the Viewer.
> From reading the xAP spec I assume the Slimp3 Connector
> and Weather apps would connect as clients and the Viewer
> would show all traffic that it forwards to its clients. I
> also assume that the clients are compatibly with a xAP hub
> as I don't get any warning about the base port already
> being in use when I start them after starting the hub
> which would have already opened the base port.
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Rob
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