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RE: xAP to C-Bus production hardware IT WORKS

  • Subject: RE: xAP to C-Bus production hardware IT WORKS
  • From: Ian B
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 21:13:00 +0000

Well done Kevin - excellent and I look forward to the pictures.

I would suggest a mail to Keith Doxey on the milling as he must have jumped
through all the hoops for his KAT5 boards and cases.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kevin Hawkins [mailto:<a
> Sent: 16 April 2004 14:24
> To: <a
> Subject: [xap_automation] xAP to C-Bus production hardware IT WORKS
> I now have my 'final versions' of the MKII C-Bus to xAP boards
> back from the
> manufacturers and I have powered a couple up and they work !! I will
> posting a picture soon so you can see what they look like.
> Although I say so
> myself they are very professional and look like any other volume
> product. This is a significantly more feature capable board than the
> previous MK1 - more details on that too shortly. This will be the same
> hardware controller that can connect HomeVision units to C-Bus, just
> different firmware.
> The newer board uses a different Rabbit core (the 3700) to the
> design and I still have some firmware tweaks to do that will complete
> hardware I/O re-assignment and also change the Ethernet downloader
code a
> bit. This is now a very capable board with 4 serial ports,
> parallel I/O and
> Ethernet plus 512K SRAM, 512K Flash and 1MB of serial flash memory.
> board also supports RS422/RS485 and (optionally) true optical
> There is an inbuilt web server and ftp server too. There are a couple
> hardware features there too for 'the future'. Of course these extra
> features need firmware support too, currently all that I have
> commited to is
> the C-Bus to xAP gateway and I've said that I am looking at HV/C-Bus.
> Casewise it fits too :-) I still have the task of milling the end
> cutouts - if anyone knows a good place to get this done (at low cost
> volume) let me know - otherwise it's going to be done by hand for
> the first
> few at least. I shall be showing these units at UKHA2004.
> Now - an offer - I only supplied a handful of the MK1 units and
> as a reward
> to those early adopters I am very happy to give you full credit
> of the price
> you paid - against a MK11 unit.
> I will post more details &amp; the final price for the MK11 units
> Kevin
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