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xAPFramework.NET v1.2.9.6 now available

  • Subject: xAPFramework.NET v1.2.9.6 now available
  • From: Stuart Booth
  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 15:47:00 +0000

Anybody that has followed the xAP development group will know I've
been writing a few Developer Tutorials on xAP software development
with xAPFramework.NET.

These tutorials can be read here:

<<a href="";>;op=listarticles&amp;secid=3</a>>

There are perhaps several features in xFx which may be harder to
figure out than necessary without this kind of documentation, instead
you have just a massive pile of source code to wade through. So as I
get asked "How do I?" type questions I've been writing them up.

I've uploaded build v1.2.9.6 of xAPFramework.NET for download.

<<a href="";>;d_op=viewdownload&amp;cid=1</a>>

This features numerous little changes and fixes that I've found along
the way. It also tidies up several of the xAP Audio Control schema
classes in the xAPSchemas project. There are some new classes that are
used by the latest xAP SlimServer Connector. Also, if you've been
reading the new xFx Developer Tutorials then you'll want this build
which was improved whilst I wrote those articles and includes a few
fixes and features that the tutorials mention specifically that were
missing from earlier builds.

A complete change history for this version is included at the URL

<<a href="";>;file=article&amp;sid=47</a>>

I've also updated the Microsoft compiled HTML help files that are
included with the downloads as I recently fixed all the XML
documentation warnings that the compiler was emitting. So the source
documention is complete bar any additional detail that I can add.

Stuart Booth <<a
href="/group/xap_automation/post?postID=lQy7AeDfoqvvPqamElAexI6pDp4Ii0y2_I5WP39XcAEiLJer3kQ13PHBU0RdtFfNFfzoVvxd-MsV2RwVAbsymg">stuart@x...</a>> - a xAP software development framework for .net

<a href="";></a>
<a href="";></a>

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