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xAP DigiTV beta released

  • Subject: xAP DigiTV beta released
  • From: James Traynor
  • Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 22:46:00 +0000

This app will xAP enable Nebula Electronics' DigiTV application. It will
enable you to control most of the app over xAP including channel change,
menu access, epg, etc. It gives you an OSD using the Tivo schema and it
also outputs over xAP the current tuned channel, state, programme name.
The download includes a remote control type application for easy control
of digitv from a remote pc.

<a href="";></a>
<a href="";></a>

This is a beta app in two parts. The server runs on the PC where digitv
is running and the remote wherever you want. Not that the remote is
needed, its just an example for control but does work quite nicely :-)

There is no installer currently, both exe require vbruntimes and
mswinsock.ocx, chances are you already have them if not then install
any other mi4 app and they will be. Also the osd only support the text
and duration elements from the tivo schema. If no duration is set then
20 seconds is used.



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