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File - UKHA_D Guidelines

UKHA_D Guidelines
Version 1.3
February 2010=20

The UK Home Automation Discussion (UKHA_D) Mailing list was formed in=20
September 1998.  These are some guidelines for the group.

We pride ourselves on having one of the friendliest, most helpful communi=
ties around. You won't get abuse for asking a "newbie" question
and flami=
ng isn't tolerated here.  In fact we ENCOURAGE newbie questions.  It=92s =
great to hear other people=92s ideas and to find out about their setups. =
Answers are always changing as the technology moves ahead too.  So pleas=
e ask away!

The list has become known as a mine of useful information and questions o=
n many diverse subjects have been successfully answered over the years.  =
However, please keep off topic posts to a sensible level and remember to =
try Google first.  A small thread of replies to OT messages will be permi=
tted.  However if the replies get too long then please move them off list=
.  All off topic posts should use the following syntax in the subject lin=
e so they can be easily filtered by those that don=92t want to read them =
=96 =93[OT] Subject of Message=94

Adverts are permitted on the list.  Companies and individuals can post a =
maximum of one message per month.  It should be noted that UKHA_D nor Aut=
omated Home are not connected in any way with offers made by companies or=
individuals.  All adverts should use the following syntax in the subject=
line so they can be easily filtered by those that don=92t want to read t=
hem =96 =93[ADVERT] Subject of Message=94.

If you need to post a message containing a long URL please shorten it fir=
st with , or similar.

Lots of people read UKHA_D through the =93Daily Digest=94.  This is a sin=
gle large email with all the days posts together.  Please remember to tri=
m all the unnecessary text/yahoo links etc from your replies as this make=
s reading the digest much less frustrating.



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