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Where have they all gone???

Obviously I am just an aged old dinosaur but I=E2=80=99ve been wanting to
ebuild my =E2=80=98jobbing=E2=80=99 PC for a while - now, that machine
ently has four Blu-ray drives in it and I usually end up with a few SATA
B caddies on it for when I=E2=80=99m working with SATA drives too so I was
looking for something that has at least 6 x 5.25=E2=80=9D drive bays
rably covered by a door) and isn=E2=80=99t hellishly ugly or huge and such
beasts seem to have completely vanished from sale!

I do have a very old case that has 9 (open) bays which I could use at a
h but it=E2=80=99s really quite battered and scuffed so I=E2=80=99d have
repaint it.

Anyone got any suggestions?



Sent from another bloody fruit-based portable device...

Posted by: Phil Harris <phil@xxxxxxx>

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