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Loft storage ...

Hi Guys,

Has anyone actually used any of these solutions for fitting loft boards in
modern lifts that have the stupid thicknesses of insulation and have any
commendations for what to use and what to avoid?

I=E2=80=99ve been looking at these two solutions but have no idea which is
likely to be the best solution or if something else would be better - both
look as though they=E2=80=99ll leave me with severe fibreglass rash from
aching between the top layer of insulation trying to anchor the bloody
gs to the beams... :-)

LoftZone StoreFloor Loft Decking=20


LOFTY 64 PACK  Loft/Attic Stilts: Loft/Attic Stilts Create The Perfect Lof=
t Storage Flooring Solution. Attic Flooring Made Quick and Easy.=20

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Sent from another bloody fruit-based portable device...

Posted by: Phil Harris <phil@xxxxxxx>

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