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Re: Somfy IO-homecontrol

Hi Paul,

IO Homecontrol is also used by Velux. it's 868Mhz as well.

The interface I have for remote control by Idratek is the Velux
interface KLF100, it's pretty crude with a two sets of contact inputs
that trigger the Velux windows to open and close.

In the manual for the KLF-100 it does talk about blinds so it may work.

Just been googling and found the KLF-200, this apparently has 5 sets
of dry contacts and a web interface, it looks very crude but might be
another route to control.

I hope this is of use?

All the best


On 22 May 2018 at 18:04, Paul Gordon paul_gordon@xxxxxxx [ukha_d]
<ukha_d@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey peeps... I just had a new motorised awning fitted, which has come
h but a single remote handset, plus one vibration sensor fitted as wind
> The handset is branded Somfy IO-homecontrol and the instructions - in
8 l=
anguages... none of them mine... state it runs on 868.95 MHz...
> I=E2=80=99d love to be able to get more automated control over it...
lly through Comfort if possible...
> Since I only have 1 handset, I don=E2=80=99t want to hack that
> Is there any RF interface I can use to replicate the signals from the
dset, triggered through the HA system?
> Cheers!
> Paul G
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> Posted by: Paul Gordon <paul_gordon@xxxxxxx>
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Posted by: Richard Challis <richard@xxxxxxx>

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