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Motorised Curtain Rails - replacement for the old Silent Gliss Autoglide

Hi all,

Around 14 years ago I kitted out the entire house with 8 of the Silent
Gliss Autoglide tracks.

These consisted of a metal track and a 24V DC motor (K400) that is
hard-wired to Comfort's outputs for control.

In recent years I've had to have a couple of the motors repaired by
Magenta, and I'm mindful that sooner or later I'm going to have a
complete failure that can't be repaired.

So, as I'm guessing many of you also installed the Autoglide tracks
"back in the day", I was wondering what others have done

I did look at the updated product line released in 2016, but it appears
to feature mains-voltage motor units and RF control with no mention of
HA integration.

I only have low voltage cabling to the curtain rails so I really don't
fancy the idea of switching to mains-rated motor units.

Any experience / advice would be much appreciated.



Posted by: John Bent <john@xxxxxxx>

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