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Re: C-Bus and dimmable LED bulbs

Thanks Ben I'll take a look.

Are you using them with the regular DIN mount dimmers? Mine are the
L5508D1A - 8 channel 1A per channel, leading edge.

I have seen mention of new "universal" dimmers being offered by
but I don't know much about them.



On 22/01/18 21:14, ben addison ben@xxxxxxx [ukha_d] wrote:
> Hi John,
> We install Cbus almost every week.
> The lamps we use mainly are from mega man
> We have been using them for about 4 years with no problem. But one
> we got before Xmas made a small buzzing noise when dimmed.
> Thanks
> Ben Addison
> Ben Addison ltd
> 07889845712
> On 22 Jan 2018, at 20:05, John Bent john@xxxxxxx
> <mailto:john@xxxxxxx> [ukha_d]
> <mailto:ukha_d@xxxxxxx>> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> My entire house is kitted out with C-Bus leading edge dimmers,
with a
>> mixture of MR16 low voltage and GU10 mains voltage lamps, amongst
>> things.
>> This setup has been working extremely well for over 12 years,
>> due to the phasing out of halogen lamps I am now looking at my
>> So far as I can tell, leading edge dimmers are not great with
>> LEDs, and trailing edge would be better. However, I don't fancy
>> swapping out a bunch of rather expensive C-Bus dimmers that are
>> otherwise in perfect working order.
>> So... what are my options?
>> How are the rest of you handling the move to LED? Any
>> for brands to try?
>> ......or are we all just going to stock up on halogens while we
>> (which to be honest wouldn't take that many bulbs, as due to
>> advice on here, I run all my dimmer channels at 95% load which
>> dramatically extends the life of the lamps)
>> Thanks,
>> John

Posted by: John Bent <john@xxxxxxx>

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