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C-Bus and dimmable LED bulbs

Hi all,

My entire house is kitted out with C-Bus leading edge dimmers, with a
mixture of MR16 low voltage and GU10 mains voltage lamps, amongst other

This setup has been working extremely well for over 12 years, however
due to the phasing out of halogen lamps I am now looking at my options.

So far as I can tell, leading edge dimmers are not great with dimmable
LEDs, and trailing edge would be better.  However, I don't fancy
swapping out a bunch of rather expensive C-Bus dimmers that are
otherwise in perfect working order.

So... what are my options?

How are the rest of you handling the move to LED? Any recommendations
for brands to try?

.....or are we all just going to stock up on halogens while we can!

(which to be honest wouldn't take that many bulbs, as due to someone's
advice on here, I run all my dimmer channels at 95% load which
dramatically extends the life of the lamps)



Posted by: John Bent <john@xxxxxxx>

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