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Re: fast router

Hi Paul,

We're using a Draytek Vigor 2862 here with Virgin Media and it works
very well.

The WAN port is gigabit and the hardware claims over 400mbps throughput,
though our broadband is only 150mbps so I can't verify this, though I've
no reason not to believe them.

I'm pretty sure it has everything you need - firewall/DMZ/reservations
plus built-in VPN server.

We have the model with AC Wifi but I think they do one without any Wifi
which would save you a few quid.

We went with Draytek as I know a number of UKHA'ers have recommended
them for years as being pretty solid pieces of kit.



On 02/02/18 12:46, Paul Gordon paul_gordon@xxxxxxx [ukha_d] wrote:
> Greetings all.. can I call upon your collective expertise please?
> Just upgraded to fibre broadband ? 300MB to the house?. J  as is
> typically the case, the ISP supplied ?router? is utter shite? - even
> more so this time round, since there isn?t technically a ?router? in
> traditional sense.. ? they fitted a fibre gateway which provides the
> physical connection to my LAN, - but it isn?t a router as you or I
> understand it.. ? there?s no management interface in it for example?
> the configuration that would normally be provided by the on-prem
> (LAN IP range, DHCP range, etc. etc.) is actually set in the cloud
> stored at their end? - that would be fine if it was a ?proper? set of
> config options available, but it?s so basic it?s laughable ? it?s
> literally just what I said above, plus the ability to set a few Wifi
> options.. ? the entire management interface fits on one page!
> There?s no DHCP reservations, no VPN, no DDNS, nothing?
> So I?m going to put it in bridge mode and put a proper router my side
> it? - trouble is, no router that I currently own has a fast enough WAN
> port? - It?s madness to put a router with a 10/100 WAN port on a 300MB
> connection, so I need to buy a new router with a 10/100/1000 WAN port?
> and I?m looking for recommendations from anyone who might have a
> decent router?
> I don?t care about its Wifi speed or performance? - I have a separate
> Mesh Wifi system, so the first thing I always do is turn off the WiFi
> the router?
> I do care about LAN management options?
> I need to set a lot of DHCP reservations (lots of IoT devices that
> like changing IP) ? my last one only let me have 16 reservations? L
> I need to set it to use DynDNS as a DDNS provider
> I need a reasonably easy to use firewall
> I need about a dozen port forwarding rules.
> I don?t need or care to connect storage or printers to a USB port, but
> guess that feature is probably ubiquitous these days
> VPN passthrough would be good, actual VPN server would be even better
> A DMZ would be useful
> Etc. etc. ? the usual stuff really?
> Anyone got any good suggestions?
> Paul G



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      • From: Paul Gordon paul_gordon@xxxxxxxxxxx [ukha_d]
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