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Re: ISP choice


I moved to A&A just over a year ago and have had nothing but a great
experience with them.  I am particularly positive towards their efforts to
champion privacy concerns on behalf of their users.


On 13/03/2017, 08:37, "Robin Edwards robin@xxxxxxx [ukha_d]"
<ukha_d@xxxxxxx> wrote:

As part of moving house I'm rethinking a number if things.  Have already
deployed new heating controlled by Evohome and very pleased with it.

I now need to get internet access.  Currently on Plusnet however
considering other options as typically staying put doesn't get best deal. 
After a load of reading I'm considering Andrews and Arnold as an option, if
anyone is using them or has used them I'd be interested in your views.


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Posted by: Robin Edwards <robin@xxxxxxx>


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Posted by: Kieran Broadfoot <kjb@xxxxxxx>

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