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RE: Wireless alarms with HA functionality?

The Pyronix Enforcer App panels are fully wireless and have app
functionality for set/unset/alarm/isolation etc.

No HA connectivity though. - Do work very well, we install loads of them
I have their wired and wireless panels at home.

Texecom Ricochet are fully wireless and have IP connectivity - I know they
connect to Crestron/Control4 etc. so would guess more chance of some kind
homebrew HA connectivity.


Dean Barrett / Managing Director
dean@xxxxxxx / 07971464606
Rolec (Electrical & Mechanical Services) Ltd
3 Midbrook Court, Blakelands, MILTON KEYNES, MK14 5FH
Sponsoring BTCC driver Jake Hill & Team Hard in 2017

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Subject: [ukha_d] Wireless alarms with HA functionality?

So any thoughts on the best wireless alarm system out there that has some
interoperability I.e. Can be armed/disarmed and report on status etc. Maybe
to the likes of SmartThings, Vera etc.

Used to have comfort in the old house but am now 100% wireless in the new



Posted by: Paul Gale <paul@xxxxxxx>


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Posted by: "Dean Barrett" <dean@xxxxxxx>

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