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RE: Relay light control problem



It=E2=80=99s caused by arcing at the relay contacts since you are
an inductive load.


Add bidirectional transient-voltage-suppression across the existing relay
utput to snub the arcing.

Use you GPIO board relay to switch another relay that is inductive rated
e. a small contactor or solid state relay.

Change the fluorescent fittings for ones with high frequency ballasts.


The best solution is probably adding the additional relay.






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Sent: 13 February 2017 08:14
To: UK Home Automation List <ukha_d@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [ukha_d] Relay light control problem





I've recently been trying to use relays to control the internal lights in
y garage, but I've been having issues. They are fluorescent tubes, two
rolled by each relay. The relays are those ones you see all over eBay,
GPIO level inputs for control by a Raspberry Pi etc.


The issue I've had is that after a while they simply stick, always on. So
hen the pi sends the signal for them to go off, the lights stay on.


I initially thought it was a faulty relay, but I ordered a replacement and
fitted them on Saturday, and now one side is stuck again.


Is it something to do with the load of these fluorescent tubes? Any ideas?




"sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having
g, and yet possessing everything" 2 Cor 6:10

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Posted by: "Simon Coates" <simon@xxxxxxx>

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