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Re: Re: Bathroom mirror recommendations

Thanks Noel.

I do like the idea of the mirror being inset into the tiling. The house
already knows when the bathroom is occupied (PIR, flow switch on shower
etc.) so controlling when to power the demister pad shouldn't be a problem.

What did you do about illumination? We have downlighters in the ceiling
but I am concerned that without some specific lighting around the mirror
there will be too much shaddowing.



On 18/12/17 12:18, Noel Andrews noel@xxxxxxx [ukha_d] wrote:
> Hi John,
> A few years back I made the entire wall of my small bathroom a mirror
> with a custom cut piece of mirror glass. Was from a local glazing firm
> and was around £250 for a 72â??x48â?? mirror.
> I bought a demister heat pad separately and wired it in and stuck it
> the back whilst the chaps installing held it in place.
> I wired it into the lighting/extractor fan circuit so it came on with
> the extractor fan. To this day is still one of the best things I did.
> Also coupled it with a motion sensor to turn lights in dimmed down in
> the middle of the night as well.
> One project Iâ??ve done recently is my First magic mirror
> Not done this in the bathroom yet but itâ??s in the list. Pretty
easy to
> do and the end result is really good so may be worth thinking about
> your mini makeover?!
> Couple of pictures attached of my First mirror. This is just using
> mirror film on glass hence not as reflective as a normal mirror but
> can be solved by buying mirrored glass.
> Cheers
> Noel
> [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

Posted by: John Bent <john@xxxxxxx>

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