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Re: Bathroom mirror recommendations

Hi John,
A few years back I made the entire wall of my small bathroom a mirror with
a custom cut piece of mirror glass. Was from a local glazing firm and was
round =C2=A3250 for a 72=E2=80=9Dx48=E2=80=9D mirror.

I bought a demister heat pad separately and wired it in and stuck it to
back whilst the chaps installing held it in place.

I wired it into the lighting/extractor fan circuit so it came on with the
xtractor fan. To this day is still one of the best things I did. Also
ed it with a motion sensor to turn lights in dimmed down in the middle of
he night as well.

One project I=E2=80=99ve done recently is my First magic mirror https://for=

Not done this in the bathroom yet but it=E2=80=99s in the list. Pretty
to do and the end result is really good so may be worth thinking about for=
your mini makeover?!

Couple of pictures attached of my First mirror. This is just using cheap
rror film on glass hence not as reflective as a normal mirror but that can
be solved by buying mirrored glass.


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Posted by: Noel Andrews <noel@xxxxxxx>

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