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Bathroom mirror recommendations

Hi all,

Doing a mini make-over in the bathroom and would like to invest in an
upgraded mirror.  Thinking of one with demister and some kind of

Can anyone recommend a good illuminated, fogless mirror - either with or
without home automation potential.

I do have C-Bus so am more than happy to integrate the demister pad /
illumination with a couple of C-Bus relays if necessary.

A lot of the ones I've seen have an infra-red sensor which activates
both lights and demister, but many people say it takes a good 5 mins for
the demister to clear, so its a bit pointless it only coming on when you
activate the lights IMO.

I guess in an ideal world, a mirror that would let me independently
control demister and lights via C-Bus would be the perfect fit as it
would offer maximum flexibility.

Thanks for any pointers.



Posted by: John Bent <john@xxxxxxx>

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