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Impedance matching speaker switch recommendations

Hi all

Yesterday I dug out my old spare pair of Bose 151 outdoor speakers and
decided to mount them as a second pair on another side of the house,
connected back to the same SONOS ZP100 as another pair mounted on the deck.

My problem is now that I have 4 x 4ohm speakers to connect.... And because
these are for 2 different sides of the house, I really want to be able to
have on/off control of the 2nd pair... But I don't particularly care about
independent volume control.

I *could* just simply connect them in series, but I really don't want to do
that, since that precludes the possibility of on/off switching of either
pair, and also because SONOS strongly advise against series speaker

I can't connect them in parallel, since that would result in a 2ohm load,
which is unsuitable for the zoneplayer (supports 4-16 ohm loads).

Hence I need a 2-channel A/B speaker switch with impedance protection to
ensure a constant suitable load is presented to the amplifier. I had an old
Maplins 2-way switch in my spares bin, but when I tried to wire it up,
strange things happened, so I guess it is not properly impedance
matching... :-(

Anyone got any recommendations for a good quality speaker switch I can use
in this situation?


Paul G

Sent from my iPad

Posted by: Paul Gordon <paul_gordon@xxxxxxx>

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