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RE: OT - Small office phone systems

Have you considered a hosted pbx system using voip? We run one at work
7 of us across 2 sites. You only need to buy the handsets (=C2=A350-=C2=A3=
150 each depending on features) and pay per month for what you need.=20



Works well for us and it could be a small charity might not always have
h expertise available to run a server.


Looking for a home automation link, I believe there is an API you can use
o integrate with other devices/displays.=20



NB: I have no link with Voipfone other than a happy customer.


From: ukha_d@xxxxxxx [mailto:ukha_d@xxxxxxx]=20
Sent: 02 August 2016 18:23
To: Ukha_D@xxxxxxx
Subject: [ukha_d] OT - Small office phone systems



Any idea of a rough cost for a simple small office phone system? A few=20
lines in and probably 6-8 extensions? There are some BT handsets along=20
with the current exchange, not sure if these can be re-used or are part=20
of a contract.

It is for a charity, so tight budget.

Being geeky, would be nice if it could take a SIP trunk to another site=20
allowing for site to site calls over the current VPN between sites, nice=20
but not essential.

Thanks in advance.

Any installers out there, feel free to bung an estimate :-) (Office=20
location is in Hertfordshire)

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Posted by: "Adrian Eaton" <adrian@xxxxxxx>

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