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Re: CBUS problem, can I bounce an idea off you...

Before you do report a low voltage situation do double check your
reading somewhere else, perhaps at work,  just in case the meter is
misleading.   Some low cost digital ones have appalling RMS accuracy.
Also , as Nigel mentioned it's worth checking as close to your incoming
supply as possible.   196V if accurate is a surprisingly low reading,
many adjacent properties would have issues too.    If the voltage were
being dropped along the line then substantial heat would be being
generated somewhere.

On the positive side  though I think I have seen mention of a similar
issue with C-Bus being attributable to low mains voltage (not C-Bus
network voltage).  So you may have it sussed.


On 25/09/2012 23:45, Paul Gordon wrote:
> And lo & behold... at 23:30, the unit is "alive" again,
and the reading is wobbling between 216V - 219V
> Pretty conclusive I think...
> P.


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