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My iOS Remote control app

  • Subject: My iOS Remote control app
  • From: Steven Goodwin <stevengoodwin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 07:42:48 +0100

(Not really an advert imo, since it's free, so more of a random

I had an idea about "solving" my problem with HA remotes - that
problem being about the plethora of configurations and variations that
each house & appliance (and therefore each app) would need. So,
instead of writing an app which talked to one type of server, I
decided to let it communicate with a generic server, and let _that_
server pass the call on to the appropriate service. The buttons
displayed, their icons, and positions are determined by a config.xml
file, which is loaded when the app starts.

Video of it in action:

Current download:

Does anyone else think this approach is valid? Worth pursuing?

If so, I'll add sliders, knobs, and other controls in later versions.

If not, it'll get ignored, and I'll move onto something else!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas,



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