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Re: AlertMe Launch Web and Smartphone Remote Heating Control with British Gas

I've just queried with AlertMe timescales for this to become available
to existing AlertMe users, here is their response.

"Thank you for your email. I'm afraid we don't have a set date or
timescale on when we will be offering heating control but we will let our
customers know as soon as we have an update regarding this."

Seems a little shortsighted, or once again an OEM contract taking
precedence over existing customers.
I also wonder what will become of the acquisition of WattBox in Sept last
year, as covered last year

How long before AlertMe launch controllable TRVs ?

On 9 Jul 2012, at 08:20, Mark McCall wrote:

> AlertMe have just announced that its web and smartphone enabled remote
> heating control service is now available in the UK exclusively from
> British Gas. The system allows the user to easily schedule their
> heating from their computer or phone as well as easily override the
> settings on the go via the web interface, Smartphone app or SMS text
> message...
> M.

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