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Re: Bargain Alert: HP Cash Back Deal Means Microserver for under £90

  • Subject: Re: Bargain Alert: HP Cash Back Deal Means Microserver for under £90
  • From: "GREGORY" <gregjssmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 10:52:50 -0000

All of the sub-=A3200 microservers on Amazon are being shipped from
or Italy, but the clam form states

The promotion is valid only on new units purchased and invoiced directly
om HP or a UK HP Preferred Partner

(note the UK part) so not sure if the claim will be validated.  I'm after
of these so would be grateful if anyone can confirm !!


--- In ukha_d@xxxxxxx, Mark McCall <lists@...> wrote:
> Most self respecting Automated Home readers run a home server and now
> you can all have one thanks to HP's =A3100 cash back deal on their
> ProLiant MicroServers. We found this one on Amazon at =A3186 making it
> just =A386 after the refund...
> M.


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