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Re: Insteon Update - UK Products in 30 to 90 Days

Looks really cool.

What I couldn't find any info on is if the bulb supports dimming via a
traditional dimming method I.e. could I use them and dim them via CBus too?
Obviously they're designed to be controlled via their own network but was
wondering if they'd work via an existing dimmer?


On 2 Jul 2012, at 08:26, "Mark McCall" <lists@xxxxxxx>

> After last weeks Insteon Bulb
> announcement<>lots
> of you contacted us asking if it was going to be available for the
> UK.  We reached out to Insteon and the great news is they are working
on a
> version for the European markets.  We've also got the list of the
> modules scheduled to be available in the UK in the next 30 to 90
> M.
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