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Re: Black RJ45-BT LAUs, do they exist?

Thanks Simon.
I'd been using white ones for a while (can't remember whether I'd bought
master or secondary) on a mish-mash of cat5 and original phone cable, some
via a patch panel and some direct-wired. This perhaps partly explains why I
was getting a "low" broadband speed...

We're renovating our house and "phone cable" is banned(!) in
preference to
Cat5 throughout. I know I can fit BT sockets onto cat5 cable / faceplates
but would rather not and black LAUs will blend in so much better.

I'll be fitting a new split NTE5 plate (like the 1st item on this page,
onto my incoming
line and taking feeds to a patch panel from connections on the back of the
faceplate. And then from the patch panel to other phones etc.

I might have to make up my own leads - once I've got the master at the
incoming plate it should be just a pin-out  / adapter that's needed.


On 30 June 2012 20:21, Simon Haslam <simon_haslam@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does that have the master circuit (to generate a ring signal)? I think
> can get both types (master and secondary) adaptors. Usually the only
> required (unless you have a PABX but then some analogue handsets) is
the BT
> master socket where the phone line comes into the house. If not you
> just make up a black lead (not sure where you'd get the BT socket from
> though), or just cut the BT plug of your phone(s) and put RJ45 plug(s)
> them instead.
> BTW I had some of these adaptors (secondary) in grey (can't remember
> they came from I'm afraid) but haven't seen any in black.
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