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RE: reducing power of IR emitter?

Black Electricians Tape :)

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From: ukha_d@xxxxxxx [mailto:ukha_d@xxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
Paul Gale
Sent: 20 April 2010 13:27
To: 'ukha_d@xxxxxxx'
Subject: [ukha_d] reducing power of IR emitter?

I'm using my Russound CAV6.6 units to distribute IR to node0.

I've just put the new Acer Revo with XBMC in there and have a stick on
emitter on the MCE remote USB dongle. Unfortunately, it appears that the
Harmony One (and to some extent, the original MCE remote), through this
system is swamping the receiver resulting in very unreliable keypresses. If
I aim the remote at the curtains behind me, it's more successful. Hence I
believe the remote is just too powerful in this configuration.

So, what are the normal methods to overcome this? I've tried some ND filter
gel between emitter and USB dongle, but even with 8 pieces, it still seems
too powerful. The MCE remote and dongle is from "AIM" - maybe
just not a
good design???

I'm using the Russound 857 IR connecting block BTW.

Could I hack the emitter and place a resistor in series?



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